Our Story so far...

The Vision

Bringing the original Mexican taco to Nicosia was the goal of the project.
People fell in love with it because of the fantastic cocktails and unique events.

Meet our Chef

The chef of Por Favor, uses only the freshest ingredients and prepares them to perfection. It serves a variety of dishes for lunch and dinner. The ambiance of the eatery is lighthearted. A year after it opened, it was already well-known for the quality of its food and the high level of service it offered.

Signature Plates


Traditional Mexican meal includes tacos. Smaller than burritos, tacos are often made with tortillas and can include everything from chicken to prawns to cheese to salsa to sour cream. Tacos are also a popular street food in the United States.

Cheesy Quesadilla

Cheese blend, mozzarella sticks, bell peppers and sour cream!
Can you resist?


In this traditional Mexican dish, juicy chicken is seasoned, grilled, and cooked to perfection, after which it is tossed with bell peppers and onions that have been sautéed. The chicken fajitas are served with warm tortillas and various toppings.


A burrito is a flour tortilla that is stuffed with protein (Crispy chicken, Birria, Al pastor, or Crispy prawn etc.), rice, beans, and additional fillings like lettuce and salsa before being wrapped so that it is simple to hold in your hand.


Yeast dough is used to make churros, which are then deep-fried and coated with sugar. They have a lengthy, crispy, crunchy texture and a powerful scent. As a dessert, churros are still incredibly popular all over the world.

Mini Galzoneros

Empanada is a type of baked or fried pastry that can be stuffed with a wide variety of fillings. Empanadas are popular in Latin America. Handmade empanadas called Por Favor Mini Galzoneros are served with vanilla ice cream and are filled with Nutella and mascarpone.

Our Team